Sanitization Experts in Calgary

About Chanz Sanitizing

At Chanz Sanitizing, our goal is to make sure everyone is healthier. Our own story began when the founder came across a home sanitization product that he himself tested and found to work wonders. As someone who believes in ‘prevention over cure’, the proprietor prefers avoiding doctors and leading a healthier lifestyle instead. The sanitization product that he used at home showed an improvement in the health of his family members. In fact, he noticed that the asthma his old parents were suffering from was getting better and he realized that he wanted to share this product with other people as well. However, despite being a  Deep Cleaning Expert, Certified Ozone Technician and a Fresh Air Expert, he was not getting the kind of response he expected simply because people weren’t aware of the difference between cleaning and sanitization.

Despite the initial setback, the proprietor saw an opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic as more and more people were becoming aware of the importance of sanitizing their surroundings the right way. Today, Chanz Sanitizing is saving lives and keeping every business and home free of killer virus and diseases.

We Sanitize Every Business

We sanitize every home, business, shop, medical facility etc. with a triple-process method, ensuring that your premises are free from toxins, pollutants and pathogens that have been building up for years. Our sanitization process is carried out with a no-touch principle – this means we don’t touch dirty rags, cloths, mops or any other cleaning items that can carry harmful pathogens or other commonalities. Our product is certified by the HACCP in the US and the Canada Food and Inspection Agency and the Health Products and Food Branch (HFPB) in Canada.

Our product is environment-friendly and causes no damage to the ecosystem. We are also  EPA “N List” certified against SARS-COVID-19.

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